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Ball Handling Skills

The secret ingredient to your hands for better ball handling in basketball :)




Basketball Camp

It’s been a while since I’ve have written my last post. :)

I’m starting new section with demotivators that I find interesting and I would like to share with you. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Basketball Camp

Basketball Camp

Dynamic Basketball Stretching Exercises

The dynamic stretches for basketball is the best way to warm up your body and prepare your muscles for the upcoming training. Differently from the Static stretching exercises, dynamic stretching once actually includes body movements which main goal is to warm up your muscles and not only to stretch them. If you don’t get the difference between static and dynamic stretching check the post where the differences between them are explained, click here. The following dynamic stretches are part of my daily routine before every basketball practice and it took me up to 10 min to go through them.

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Static Basketball Stretching Exercises

As I explained in the previous post, static stretch is when you are doing stretching in one place for a certain period of time.

Below is a list of basketball static stretching exercises. Each stretching exercise, should last for 15 to 20 second, and should be done in three to four times. To be consistent with the stretching practice is important routine. This is a must before each practice, especially if you have intensive workout and always, I mean always before a game. Even if you are on a bench, you might get your 5 minutes, and only for couple of seconds you can get an injury.

It is important to do all exercises, the order is not so important, but here is your list:

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Stretching For Basketball

Types of Basketball Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are pre required before any training, especially if you have intense practice or game, mostly because they prevent injury. This is because during your workout, your muscles will be stressed to do wide range of motions and you need stretching program that will increase your muscles motion. Benefits that you get with stretching for basketball programs, besides preventing injury or lowering the possibility to get injured are that you’ll improve your quickness, flexibility, speed and power.

Have you seen basketball player get injured mostly because the player skip the basketball stretch exercises before the game? How many times have you heard someone to get injured on a practice for the very same reason?

So, in order to prevent injury, at first you must do stretching workout or you can think of as basketball warm up stretches. Do your stretching practice slow and be careful not to injure yourself during the stretching. But if you feel any pain during your basketball stretching program you should consult doctor immediately.

I’ll discuss here two types of basketball stretching workouts:

Static basketball stretching exercises

Static stretching is when you are holding your stretch for a certain period of time in one position. The point is to do the stretch slow until you feel a good stretch, and you can feel it, when you make a good stretch. This should last for 15 to 20 sec, depends on the stretch, from the beginning to the feeling of a good stretch. Furthermore it is important to repeat each stretch excise for couple of times and to become consistent.

Dynamic basketball stretching exercises

On the other hand, dynamic stretching exercises will wake up your muscles and get them ready to do harder work. So in order to get better range of motion for your muscles and to get ready yourself for competition you’ll need to do the dynamic basketball stretching program.

So, now when you know the basic, I’ll follow you up in the next post with the static stretching, the first thing that you’ll need to do while starting your basketball workout practice.

Welcome Message


Welcome to my blog! My name is Jimmy Dothson, I’m 36 years, married and father of two lovely boys, age 2 and 5. I was in sports my whole live, playing in professional basketball leagues, starting from my high school, finishing my carrier few years ago in my hometown local team. I had problem with my knee, and must finish my carrier as active player. I continue as coach for our local high school team and assistant coach for college basketball team. Also I’m full time coach for David and Denis, my boys, practicing all day long. My wife was active player in volleyball and now she is coaching primary school kids volleyball.

I created to share my thoughts and my experience on some techniques in basketball, mainly how to train and how to get the best of the practice, how to improve faster in your game, on what to focus, etc. I’ll also provide some honest reviews and my personal experience with some workout sets out on Internet. I’ll share interesting videos for some training.

I encourage you to discuss any thoughts, opinions and experience that you have on the topics and posts. I hope that you’ll find my blog interesting, motivating and you’ll be part of this community.

Thank you again for visiting my blog, enjoy your reading and stay tuned for weekly updates.


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